Wondering why we are doing this blog?

Just like you, we are enthusiastic about tech startups, web and mobile app development and much more. We take the ideas of our clients and turn them into winning businesses.

At howwedostartups.com, we bring you the global know-how we’ve gathered as RST IT software house and convert it into inspiring articles for startup founders.


Looking for global expertise? No worries, we’ve got you covered. USA, Germany, England, Denmark, Sweden and United Arab Emirates – no matter where you are, no matter how big or small you are, we’ve been there. 

We deliver web&mobile apps to satisfied clients worldwide. We work across countries, cultures, and break communication barriers. This is not just corporate waffle. We've developed successful apps for clients thousands miles away. We think now is a good time to share our knowledge and experience concerning startups and mobile development with others.

We’ve always been proud of our forward-thinking ethos and ability to work across borders. We deliver quality on time and build products that perform.

If you are considering launching your own tech startup, feel free to drop us a line at blog@howwedostartups.com